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Theos Village is a truly unique hotel in an enviable location for a memorable holiday in Chania: Superbly placed almost half way between the City of Chania, the precious jewel of Crete, and the resorts of Agia Marína and Plataniás, where the party never ends, Theos village has it all for friends, couples and families alike!

Within walking distance there is a diverse range of facilities and shops, such as large super markets, bus stop (a stone's through away, regular buses every 15 minutes), chemist's shop, , tourist and souvenir shops, organised children's playground, hairdresser, leisure & sport facilities (beach volley, mini golf, bowling, water sports).

For many people, the City of Chania is the most beautiful city in Greece. A city that, for centuries now, retains and blends diverse cultural influences from the Venetian and Ottoman culture to its very own authentic Greek heritage. The following highlights are just a few The Venetian harbour of Chania with it much photographed Arabian Lighthouse and the historical Fort Firca that nowadays houses the Naval Museum. The Old Town of Chania with its narrow stone-paved lanes and the picturesque shops, cafes and taverns that give off the atmosphere of another era. The Municipal Market with its cornucopia of colours, aromas and tastes. The lively district of Kum Kapi, or in Turkish the Gate of the Sand. The historic and beautiful district of Chalepa Venizelos Graves, on the outskirts of the city, embodying the recent history of the Greek state. The archaeological museum. The Mediterranean Centre of Architecture (KAM), one of the best event and exhibition halls of Chania. Giali Tzami mosque, nowadays serving as an exhibition hall. The historic Jewish Synagogue in the old city of Chania. Chania has played an important role in the history and the culture of not only Crete and Greece, but also the entire Mediterranean.

Chrissí Aktí boasts a large, sandy, crystal clear beach, ideal for swimming, and is adjacent to the beach of Ágii Apóstoli featuring a large, beautiful park, where the green of nature perfectly blends with the deep blue of the sea.

From Agía Marína you can gaze at the endlessness of the Aegean Sea and the island of Thodoroú (Ágii Theódori) which is home to the rare wild Cretan Kri Kri chamois. In Agía Marina, you will find some of the most popular beach bars and nightspots.

The cosmopolitan resort of Platanias, one of the most popular resorts of Western Crete, is renowned for its long beach, its excellent food, entertainment & shopping options, as well as the exquisite view to the sea, which one can enjoy especially from the area of Upper Plataniás.

Apart from the city of Chania, Agia Marina and Plataniás, literally located a breath away from Theos Village, you should not miss out on the unique beaches of Akrotíri, such a Maráthi, Kalathás, and Stavrós, the latter of which hosted the filming of the awarded film Zorbas the Greek. Do not fail to visit the beautiful Apokóronas peninsula and explore the amazingly scenic villages of Vámos, Kefalás, Ntoulianá, Gavalohóri, Vrísses, as well as the beaches of Almirída and Kalíves.

From there you can continue south towards Sfakiá, Samariá gorge, the longest gorge in Europe, and other picturesque villages, such as Loutró, Hóra Sfakíon and Fragokástello.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the beaches in the prefecture of Chania are of worldwide repute: From the exotic Bálos beach to the North, the magnificent beach of Falássarna North West of Chania, and the unique, Natura protected region of Elafonissi to the southeast of Chania. When it comes to the beaches in the south of the prefecture, near the bustling village of Palióhora, you will be honestly spoiled for choice. There are so many beaches with crystal-clear waters to choose from that you are guaranteed to find the one you like best. If you are seeking for a more slow-paced getaway, you can try Soúgia, another resort, to the south of Chania.

The city and the prefecture of Chania are beyond any doubt, if not the most interesting, one of the most interesting holiday destinations in Greece. Its privileged location makes Theos Village an ideal starting point for exploring every corner of the entire prefecture.


  • Chrissí Aktí beach: 450 metres
  • Chania (city centre): 3.5 kilometres
  • Agía Marina: 4 kilometres
  • Plataniás: 6 kilometres
  • Soúda harbour: 8 kilometres
  • Daskaloyannis Airport of Chania: 17 kilometres