Welcome to Theos Village!

Theos Village is a hotel with fully equipped apartments located in Chania, Crete, Greece.

Theos Village is situated in the area of Káto Darátso, near the beautiful, sandy beach of Chrissí Aktí and next to the large beach of Àgii Apóstoli with the three picturesque coves and the luscious green park of eucalyptuses and pines. Apart from its advantageous position, ideal for the lovers of crystal-clear waters and organised, sandy beaches, Theos Village is also strategically located near the centre of the historical city of Chania and the most renowned resorts of the area, such as Agia Marina and Plataniás.

Despite being so near the beach of Chrissí Aktí, one of the finest beaches in Chania, it is so nicely tucked on a verdant hillock that it is ideal for those wishing to avoid summer humidity.

Theos Village combines sea with mountain and friendly and attentive service with unsurpassed professionalism. The ideal destination for ultimate relaxation and pampering!

We are waiting for you!